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BBC Documentary - Perfume: Bottling The Memory

This was an absolutely brilliant watch, just on the account that it featured the creative process of, in my opinion, two of the best IDOLS 4LYFE!!!!!11!!1ONE perfumers of the current times - Christopher Brosius of CB I Hate Perfume, and Jean-Claude Ellena from Hermès.

Christopher Brosius’ perfume is a scent of memory, of real life and all its quirkiness: Wet Pavement London, Roast Beef, Winter 1972. All the little moments, all the accords of life distilled in a bottle. Christopher Brosius is a delightful person, full of sass and quirks just like his creations, but also incredibly poetic and beautiful. He writes the most gorgeous ad copies, talking endlessly about how old books smell different in different places and times, and how his perfume is actually the recreated scent of his favourite novel published in 1927, bought in a second-hand bookshop in London. I have that perfume - In The Library - and a whiff of it will instantly warm my heart. Paper, leather bindings, worn cloth and a hint of wood polish. I really recommend checking out his website, because just browsing through his collection is an absolute delight. (He also got a new limited edition called “FAGGOT” omg how did I miss this am I just out of the loop or what!!!!!)

On the other hand, Jean-Claude Ellena, the so-called old guard of French perfumery, is a magician. I… don’t have enough words to describe how… I don’t even have words to use here. He’s magical. His creations transfer you to different lands. It’s all about dreams and fantasy. To watch his creative process in the documentary, it feels like an honour. His Un Jardin en Méditerranée for me is a precious reminder of “sun-drenched picnics by the side of the lake, and getting lost in the city’s botanical gardens. all sunshine and green grass and endless lakes.” Just, yeah, I really really recommend going out there and trying a sniff or two of the Hermès perfumes. I’m often doubtful about big brand perfumes, but Hermès is above it all. They’ve got the magic.

If you have the time, watch this. You won’t regret it, learning how scents and memories are a part of daily life we always forget to appreciate.

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